Social media can be a double-edged sword but when you get your feed right it can mean a quick dose of inspiration and a daily reminder that there are rad women out there doing awesome things and there’s no reason you can’t be one of them too!

Follow these 5 female surf photographers to get yourself frothing for your next session.


Growing up on the popular surf beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, Caitlin Miers was naturally drawn to the ocean. It was only a matter of time before she fell in love with surfing, finding beauty and poetry in riding the swell. After graduating with a degree in Photography from RMIT, Cait merged both her passions, quickly becoming one of the world’s top leading women’s surf photographers at just 24 years old. She has recently published ‘Her Wave’, an ode to fearless female surfers all over the world, captured through her empowering lens.

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Inspired by her travels, love of the ocean and the Australian surf lifestyle. Mikala Wilbow shares here unique view on a life spent in the sun.

From surf art to a salty photo shoot of female wave riders. Mikala’s distinctive style is uplifting and encourage you to embark on their own adventures.  She is also the brain child of the name She Surfs 

Follow on instagram @shesurfs_photography


Growing up landlocked in Mexico City, Bastidas is an unlikely candidate to become one of the few female surf photographers in the world.  But her years on the swim team stood her in good stead for her future career.  She now splits her time between the North Shore of Oahu and mainland Mexico.  Not afraid to get amongst the crowded lineup in some of the biggest waves in the world Bastidas has captures some truly breathtaking images and sustained some terrifying injuries in the process.  Follow Maria on instagram at @mariafernanadaphoto


Fran Miller is driven by her three passions: images, the ocean and empowering other women.  She was born into a life by the sea in Sydney, had a stint as a professional snowboarder but has now found her groove as a professional surfer/photographer based in Coolangatta, Qld. Inspired at a young age by surf magazine photography, Fran’s images capture the many moods and colours of the ocean’s waves and the people that play on them.  Follow Fran on instagram @franmiller.com.au


Raised in New England USA by two photographers, Prifti was taught to see the world through her own, unique perspective. But it wasn’t until 2018, when she discovered surfing in Sri Lanka that she became a photographer.  Inspired by the way we connect with nature in such a pure way through both surfing and photography Prifti combined her passions.   Through her photography Prifti aims to capture the beautiful moments and emotions of riding waves.  Follow Amanda on instagram at @photosbyprifti

Header image: @caitmiersphotography

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