5 apps every surfer needs right now

1. Surfline:

This is a classic app that surfers use around the world. You can pay to have live streaming videos or use for free and see brief forecasts, and current reports and tide updates. Surfline is one of the original swell forecasting apps which means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their forecasting and the app interface.

2. WillyWeather:

For lovers of weather forecasts WillyWeather is arguably the most reliable weather app for Australia.  It’s easy to use interface provides all the wind and tide information to decide which break to hit for the best waves.

3. Boardline:

Bring some science into your next board choice. The creation of a water-science engineer with a PhD in ‘fluid mechanics’, Boardline is a clever app designed to help you pick the perfect board for you.

4. Dorsal Shark Reports:

This comprehensive shark mapping app shares the observations of over 200,000 surfers with information from aerial surveillance partners and official marine reporting to give a details (but obviously not definitive) heads on recent shark activity. This crowd-sourced platform logs shark sightings on beaches in Australia, Hawaii & the USA.

5. Dawn Patrol:

Think Strava for surfers. If you love to keep track of your surf activity, want to know your top speed and distance, measure your heart-rate, calories burned or count the waves you surfed in a session you are going to love Dawn Patrol.  This clever app turns your smart watch into a handy surf tracker.   It’s a cool way to keep track of your surfing and challenge yourself.

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